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Calgary, Alberta

For today’s typical client, searching for commercial real estate space in Calgary is a time-consuming and often frustrating exercise. With the extremely tight commercial real estate market in our city, existing quality space is being leased at record speeds, while sublease opportunities and recaptured space are not always openly marketed. Without the opportunity to consider the entire available inventory, a client might find little or nothing to choose from. A professional commercial real estate associate will have access to special inventory-tracking software that allows them to quickly and efficiently search through all of the current availabilities in the Calgary market, extracting for review only those that meet the specific needs of a client. This associate can then contact the appropriate landlords and listing agents in order to confirm vacancies and rates, and then present this information to a client in the form of a concise and accurate report. If after reviewing your options you should select any number of listings that meet your needs, a licensed associate can consult you on your selected properties, arrange for tours, negotiate and draft your Offer to Lease, negotiate the terms and conditions of your Lease, and protect your interests while dealing with a landlord or their listing agent. It is important to remember that -- unlike your tenant representative -- a listing agent has a mandate which entails protecting the interests of a landlord in a lease transaction. You should also note that commercial real estate fees are typically included in the Asking Rent of most any commercial property available for lease. Unless per a specific agreement, a commercial real estate associate will not bill their client for tenant representation. With all of this in mind, don't hesitate to contact us today and let us put you in touch with one of the many licensed and experienced professionals that serve the interests of Calgary's prospering business community. Calgary is Western Canada’s business centre. The Calgary Region is Canada’s fastest growing economic region – the city is expected to continue to lead the nation in economic growth. From Calgary's business-friendly tax structure to its low business operating costs, the climate for business is exceptional. Calgary’s international reputation for innovation has helped make the city home to Canada’s largest concentration of head offices in Western Canada. Calgary has over 31 million square feet of downtown office space. The average age of Calgary's office buildings is the youngest of any major Canadian city and therefore the most efficient, technically and environmentally. Unlike most jurisdictions with competing regions and towns in the metropolitan area, The City of Calgary (15 miles by 23 miles) is under a single governing authority with common land use and building permitting regulations and procedures. This is a major advantage as businesses can easily compare location options in Calgary. While Calgary continues to be a major centre for the global energy industry, its rapidly expanding economy has diversified far beyond its traditional strength. Technology, manufacturing, financial and business services, transportation and logistics, as well as film and creative industries are examples of the many industries contributing to Calgary’s exponential growth and to its international reputation for innovation. Calgary ranks 1st among Canadian cities in 2006, with an estimated 6.9% Real GDP growth rate. Calgary is among the most cost competitive cities in the world for the cost of establishing and operating a business. The 2006 KPMG Competitive Alternatives study showed that Calgary has a 5.3% operating cost advantage over the United States. It is the third least expensive of major Canadian cities in which to do business and in comparison to large international cities outside Canada, Calgary comes in second place only to Singapore. The Boyd Company's October 2004 study on operating costs revealed that Calgary had the lowest operating costs among 52 cities across North America. Particularly, it is the lowest cost city to operate a head office - lower by more than 35% compared to the most expensive city, San Francisco. Calgary is the third largest civic municipality, by population, in Canada. As of the 2007 civic census, Calgary's population was 1,019,942. The metropolitan population (CMA) was 1,079,310 in 2006, making Greater Calgary the fifth largest Census Metropolitan Area in the country. As of 2005, Calgary had a labor force of 649,300 (a 76.3% participation rate). In 2006, Calgary had the lowest unemployment rate (3.2%) among major cities in Canada. Calgary is the site of five major public post-secondary institutions. The University of Calgary is the city's primary large degree-granting facility. 28,807 students are enrolled there. Mount Royal College is one of the city's largest post-secondary institutions with 13,000 students, granting degrees in a number of fields. With over 14,000 full-time students, SAIT Polytechnic provides polytechnical and apprentice education, granting certificates, diplomas and applied degrees. Calgary has ranked highly in quality of life surveys: 25th in the 2006 Mercer Quality of Living Survey, and 10th best city to live in according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Despite the oil industry's dominance in Alberta's economy, the Mercer Quality of Living Survey also ranked Calgary as the world's cleanest city. 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